store policy

customer care

Submitting a payment to London Graphiz and Photography indicates that you have read the terms & conditions and agree to the terms and conditions. Please understand that London Graphiz has the right to revise at any given moment and revise price quotes with/without given notice.

All Payments are protected with sellers protection and all disputes will be thoroughly reviewed by our payment collectors. All unpaid invoices are cancelled 48 hours after

privacy & safety

London Graphiz and Photography has the right to turn down clients who refuse to follow the rules stated as followed:

1. Any disrespectful comments and behavior toward the designer are prohibited.

2. Constant emailing after confirmation email has been sent which states any of the following: "How is it coming along?" "How long will it take" "Are you done yet?" ARE PROHIBITED. All turn around times are stated in initial forms of contact and the designer will not forget about you. Please respect the process and all other clients whom may have submitted before you.

3. Business hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. We are closed on weekends and all major holidays.

4. All communication is handled VIA EMAIL. DMs are not allowed and there is no need for phone calls. Please explain your needs as thoroughly as possible when requesting design work.

payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments