Frequently asked questions

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept Paypal & Zelle Payments. Payment must be sent 24 hours after recieving confirmation email after booking a project. Please allow 48 hours for response. Paypal: Zelle: Latricia London-708-970-6164

Do you provide refunds

Refunds are not given after client recieves any drafts/proofs. There are NO refunds provided after finalizing any work. ALL REFUNDS ARE HANDLED CASE BY CASE.

How Long does the design process take?

Text Logo Design has a turn around time from up to 3-5 days. Custom Logo Design has a turn around time from 3-10 days. Flyers has a turn around time from 2-4 days. Any flyers submitted with a 1 day turn around request are subject to a $50 rush fee. Motion or VIdeo Flyers have turn around time of 5-7 days. Any other product turn around time will be stated in confirmation email.

I need an Edit? How much do it cost

Edits to finalized Insta-Flyers are $20. Basic Edits to Pricelist flyers are $25 and depends on the type of edits requested. Changing an entire pricelist will cause readjusting to the flyer and is a $50 fee. Edits to Motion flyers are $45. Edits to Video Flyers are $60 Logo edits are priced by case. Please email for more information.